First project – Mirror Removal & TV install

tv mount

Today I’m removing the mirrors from above the fireplace mantle in order to make a way to install a TV on this wall. I used a scraper to wedge my way under the mirror to lift them up nicely.

I had no idea that fireplaces are pretty hollow. Here is the inside of one

Once we got it all buttoned up it turned out nice, here is the end result with the inset outlets for power and ethernet.
One project down! I got the tv mounted now to get the data wiring finished so we can watch tv in a super trashed house 🙃. Really though, it feels good to have this little bit of accomplishment. Tonight I also routed the networking cable into the closet to be used as the south side IDF (networking term meaning intermediate distribution frame or one of the secondary locations where some of the wiring connect together) now to wire my daughter’s bedroom so she can do school from home this week in her new bedroom!

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