About Us

Jason and Jen Tucker

People and the situations they are in are imperfect.

My wife Jen and I started Created Imperfectly as a place to share with our friends and family the work we were putting into our home and the projects we’re working on. During COVID in early 2020 we moved into Jen’s family home to help her family and we found ourselves losing Jen’s mom and grandmother to various health circumstances and inheriting the house. What a confusing and troubling time we found ourselves in.

We just moved into the house thinking we would occupy as little of it as we would need, sharing the space with family but sadly that changed and things we didn’t think we would be worrying about in this part of our life ended up happening, now.

Making this house our own was tough. We moved from a 2 bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom home that we didn’t think we’d be living in for a few more decades. With these decisions being hyper accelerated we moved into this home and began working on making it our own.

Once our garage was in a cleaned up and workable state I started some working woodworking projects which led to me applying my audio/video skills to begin showcasing some of the work we were doing around the house both hired out as well as done by ourselves all on social media. Now with the house in a more working state for us we’re getting into gardening, planning larger projects and me wanting to get some woodworking projects under my belt.

I’m not sure where life will take us but I know it isn’t perfect. We’re all created imperfectly in some way.