Installed new outlets for eGo batteries to charge

Sometimes the project you need to work on isn’t the project to want to work on. I ended up starting my day in the garage a bit late since I wanted to to clean up my work surfaces in the window side of the garage. Ends up I really needed to find a new home for these chargers since I didn’t want them permanently using that outlet on the workbench, I setup this area near the door to the house to store all of these eGo yard tools, they are a pain to mount on the wall since some of them have hooks and other ones have no good way to mount them. While over here I also fixed the wall switch on the top there which turns on our other (way brighter) overhead lights. Always have these type of switches be the one that have. a built in light, it’s hard to find them in the dark without it.

You didn’t read that wrong, my eGo… batteries needed a place to be charged so I found a great place to do so. This area of the garage needed some wall outlets so I installed a few but needed to run some romex to this area. After getting the romex installed I needed to install the new work box and knock out the hole for the romex to go through. I’m not an electrician but I’ve learned enough to hopefully do this right. Running the yellow 12/2 over to the box and using the correct size strain-relief clamp I was good to go. A few splices and grounding to the box and the outlets and we had 4 outlets to use for these chargers. After this I installed a new 20amp breaker in the garage sub panel and hooked up the wires for that.

I also wanted to clean up this area that had way too much extra romex going to places it didn’t need to. Our house has 2 breaker boxes outside, one is for our solar provided electricity that is also on our backup battery. The other is our old panel that has items that won’t be protected by the battery. The garage is split between these 2 power sources:

What is on what power source in the garage?

Solar w/battery

  • Overhead LED lights
  • Freezer
  • Security Cameras
  • Fiber Internet
  • Router
  • Wifi AP
  • Smarthome bridges
  • Outdoor holiday lights (might as well flex to the neighbors)


  • Dryer

Everything on the the subpanel

  • Powertools
    • Table Saw
    • Ryobi battery chargers
    • Miter Saw
    • Sander
  • Air compressor
  • eGo Batteries outlet I just installed.

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