New Roof in Preparation for Solar

In preparation for our new Sunrun solar system were going to have installed we had to have our roof redone. Our roof installation took some time to get completed. We had to wait for permits to be issued and inspections to be passed. Once it was done it turned out great and I really like the color that we picked on the roof. It’s not too dark but it also isn’t super light either.


One thing that we did have our roofer do as something extra was to remove the chimney from the den. Our plan is to remove the fireplace at some point and this gets us one step closer to that. You can see how drywalling our 1970s den project went.

Wrapping up

When the roofer painted and replaced all of our vents they neglected to install a new whirlybird on our garage which spins and exhausts the heat in the room. We asked that they install 2 new solar powered roof vents one for the house and another for the garage to help with extracting the heat from the attic and garage.

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